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  • Surviving When Your Employer's Goals Have Changed
    by Sherri Edwards - December 6, 2018
    Staying too long in a role can have extremely negative ramifications for a person’s mental health and marketability. If that’s so, you may be asking, what then is too long and how do you know? What can be done about it? Is it necessary to jump ship? All of these are valid questions and require careful consideration. Before taking any drastic measures, it’s probably time to reassess your own goals and have an...
  • Stop Daydreaming. Set Goals for Achieving Your Dreams.
    by Sherri Edwards - November 7, 2018
    It’s never too early or too late to create a picture of what you want in your life. Dreaming big and imagining all the possibilities open to you is a fabulous start to shaping your life and planning your future. For many, the dreams seem clear, but achieving them remains elusive. If this describes your situation, then get moving in the right direction and make an investment that can ensure your dreams are actually realiz...
  • Capable vs Competitive
    by Sherri Edwards - October 1, 2018
    A strong job market with low levels of unemployment would appear to be good news, but it can also be misleading. There may be many available jobs, but that doesn’t mean a person lacking key qualifications or relevant experience will easily secure a role in a new field or discipline. It will take more than an employer’s desperation to prompt them to hire an “unproven” resource. There is a huge differe...
  • Portfolio Careers Can Satisfy Your Different Needs
    by Sherri Edwards - September 6, 2018
    Who said one career choice or any singular job is supposed to fill all of your needs? That notion is a thing of the past, yet it is a consistent expectation voiced by people who are unsatisfied with their work. If you have multiple talents and interests, it’s simply unreasonable to assume any one employer or job is going to satisfy your every need. In today’s market, having that expectation can set you up for disap...
  • Avoiding Complacency When Everything is Just Okay
    by Sherri Edwards - August 24, 2018
    It’s probably not news to anyone that candidates and employers behave differently in a hot job market than they do in a tight one. When jobs were scarce, candidates may have been victims of company ghosting (they interviewed and never heard another word from the company). With few jobs and abundant candidates, some employers didn’t think they had to bother with basic courtesies. In tough times, some people might ha...
  • Leaving Procrastination Behind Increases Your Options
    by Sherri Edwards - August 10, 2018
    Procrastination may be one of the most self-sabotaging and all-too-common behaviors leading to failure to achieve career or work-related goals. Some might say many forms of procrastination are “human nature.” Perhaps. You can Google hundreds of articles on the subject written by psychologists who tell us there is more to it than that. Regardless of the cause, the outcome is the same: your options are typically limi...
  • Communicate Effectively to Get What You Want
    by Sherri Edwards - July 24, 2018
    Are you overloaded with communications all day, every day? I know that I am! It seems like many of us spend an inordinate amount of time reading emails and texts, and watching and listening to news clips, videos and sound bites, yet very few messages are received with the sender’s true intent. It’s startling to see how many duplicate messages from advertisers land in my inbox and how many unnecessary texts I receiv...
  • Nag, Nag, Nag
    by Sherri Edwards - July 17, 2018
    A recent discussion prompted a deeper look into nagging and/or micromanaging. Both behaviors have negative connotations, although each may actually be necessary due to someone else’s unresponsiveness or bad behavior. So why do the naggers get the bad rap while the people who prompt it continue on as if they aren’t part of the problem? Let’s start with an analysis of one the problems. There seem to be diffe...
  • Stop Making Random Efforts and Conduct an Effective Job Search
    by Sherri Edwards - June 13, 2018
    In my last post, I covered the reasons why a passive job search typically does not produce the desired or longer-term results. An effective job search begins with taking a controlled approach, which is very much the same as building a business. You need to know what you want to accomplish, who your target market is, what they need and if you can supply it (for the right price). Once you have established what you want, you can...
  • Get More of What You Want Out of Your Career and Life
    by Sherri Edwards - April 18, 2018
    If you are ready to get more of what you want out of your career and life, then take control. It’s time to be accountable for your actions. Here are some simple tips that can help turn things around. 1. Write down everything. Stop trying to remember everything as if it is all equal, hoping it comes to mind exactly when you need it. Writing down everything you need to do allows you to prioritize. But then it has to be...