About Quad/Graphics

We believe in finding a better way

Powered by a passion for innovation and the most advanced platform in the industry, our collaborative team of “can-do” people continually challenge the status quo, creating groundbreaking solutions that push the boundaries of communications.

Dedicated to finding a better way, the right way

Far from just pretty words framed and posted on the wall, our values are actionable and authentic, lived out by every person at our company in every community we call home. Our values enable us to not only adapt to change, but to be the change. To foster innovation that helps our customers grow. To invest in people and relationships. To trust in ourselves and each other. To do the right thing. To continually seek a better way so we are the best at what we do – so that our customers are the best at what they do. By living our values, we are free to work hard, pursue excellence and have a lot of fun along the way.


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Life At Quad

Quad is the smallest big company you will ever encounter, and we’re serious about maintaining an environment where employees are empowered to succeed and valued for their individual contributions. Find some of the hallmarks of our culture explained here.

Innovation Minded

Since the day we were founded, Quad employees have been focused on “finding a better way.” Our commitment to innovation is nothing more than an intense desire to lead the industry, and our approach has been to create an environment for continuous improvement.

Our Values Guide Our Daily Decisions

No matter where we go or what we do as a company, the values that shape our unique culture determine how we get there. What we think of as a guide for our daily decisions, our values shape how we approach everything from innovating, growing the company and being successful to respecting one another and building lasting relationships.

Thinking Small Has Big Advantages

Though we’ve grown to be a big company, we haven’t forgotten what’s made us so successful: close, personal relationships and respect for the individual. Over the years, we’ve retained a “Think Small” approach to working with each other, and we remain unusually lean in layers for a company of our size.

Performance Focused

Quad employees are invested in our clients’ success, and we pride ourselves on a can-do spirit that gets the job done. To that end, employees are encouraged to find opportunities to improve their jobs and take ownership for the work they do every day.

United in Quad/Blues

One thing you’ll notice about Quad is the navy blue uniforms we wear. A symbol of our egalitarian culture, the uniform serves to remind us that we all put our pants on the same way and that we’re all part of the same winning team.

Geared for Fun

We're a company that likes to celebrate together. Throughout the year we're "clanging the bells and blowing the whistles" whenever we get the chance, from recognizing individual employee accomplishments to gathering as teams to toast a job well done. On an even larger scale we come together each fall at employee appreciation picnics to celebrate our hard work. To thank the families that support us at home, our largest sites gather annually for summer picnics and holiday parties.

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We strive to take care of employees and recognize hard work by offering benefits that provide for employees' needs – both current and yet-to-come.

Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage

Employees can choose any combination of medical (including prescription), dental and vision coverage for competitive weekly premiums. For medical coverage, we offer full-time employees a choice between two plans: our core PPO plan and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with an optional Health Savings Account (HSA). Part-time employees can enroll in the HDHP with HSA.

Employees in locations where we have QuadMed Health Centers get the best benefit when they visit QuadMed for primary care; however, Quad partners with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to offer all participating employees access to Anthem BCBS' nationwide network of providers. Quad partners with CVS Caremark, Delta Dental and EyeMed for prescription coverage, dental coverage and vision coverage, respectively.

In locations where we have health centers, employees who opt out of medical coverage may pay a nominal weekly fee to use the health centers for their primary care.

Wellness Programs

Our health plan is founded on the principle that preventive medicine is the best medicine. All eligible employees enrolled in medical coverage have access to a variety of programs designed to keep them healthy. Programs include a cash incentive program for those who are physically active throughout the year to a program that helps participants with chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure manage their conditions while offsetting the cost of medications. Quad also annually offers onsite flu shots to all employees.

24/7 Telemedicine

Imagine if you could access urgent care anytime, anywhere for free. Through Stat Doctors, we offer medical plan participants the opportunity to connect to board-certified emergency room physicians through a computer or mobile device and get the care they need on the go.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Life isn't always easy. Quad offers an Employee Assistance Program to help employees balance the demands of their personal and work lives. Both full-time and part-time employees have access to six free counseling sessions per situation through QuadMed EAP professionals in Wisconsin and Anthem EAP professionals elsewhere.

Retirement Savings

Available to all employees, Quad/Graphics’ Personal Enrichment Plan offers a 401(k) Savings Plan with the opportunity for an annual, performance-based match on employees' contributions. Employees' contributions can be made as pretax or after tax and invested according to their financial goals through a diverse lineup of investments managed by BMO Retirement Services, our plan administrator. Quad’s plan offers opportunities for profit-sharing contributions as well.

Life & Disability Insurance

Quad offers full-time employees company-paid life and disability insurance policies. Both full-time and part-time employees can purchase optional coverage at an additional charge.

Flexible Spending Plans

Quad offers full-time employees the ability to set aside pretax money each year in a Healthcare Flexible Spending Plan administered by Employee Benefits Corporation. EBC’s flex debit card and online account management make managing reimbursements easy.

Both full-time and part-time employees can elect to take advantage of a Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Plan as well.

Paid Time Off

Quad’s vacation policy allows you to take time off based on your years of service and hours worked. Additionally we offer employees 9 paid holidays annually.

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Quad/Graphics is the smallest big company you will ever encounter, and we’re serious about maintaining an environment where employees are empowered to succeed and valued for their individual contributions.

See the kinds of roles we have at Quad/Graphics and what you can expect when you join our company.


Printers to the core, our manufacturing employees take pride at being the best at putting ink on paper for our clients. Between full-time and part-time, entry level and skilled, our roles span all aspects of print production, from prepress to press, finishing and distribution.

Skilled Trades

Our industry-leading platform is one of our competitive advantages, and keeping our platform in peak-performing condition requires the most skilled and creative electrical and mechanical minds.


Looking for a place where your talent and tenacity can take you far? At Quad we're looking for innovative thinkers from a wide range of disciplines to help us find a better way of doing everything – be it serving our customers, building our information technology infrastructure, managing our finances and more.


By focusing on wellness and prevention, QuadMed, our rapidly growing in-house medical division, has become one of the most progressive and effective employer healthcare systems in the United States. Constant growth means we have dozens of openings for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, medical assistants, wellness team members and other support staff.

Trainees and Interns

Quad believes in developing talent from within, so we support multiple in-house training programs, from our groundbreaking Corporate Training Program, which offers inquisitive individuals the opportunity to try many roles while they learn the business from the ground up, to traditional apprenticeships and internships.


Our customers rely on our ability to meet time-sensitive delivery windows throughout North America, and our drivers excel at remaining nimble and ensuring their consignments are delivered on time and intact.

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