Company Overview
The Kelly HRfirst philosophy is simple. We believe it's all about people, service, leadership and, most of all, you.

It's about people… Our people, your people, and your candidates. Some think it's all about technology or the Internet. While that is important, that's not what it's all about. We have highly experienced recruitment professionals who create solutions for your people and ours to serve your candidates and internal customers. Our culture values the contributions of every employee. We focus on hiring people who can "color outside the lines", who learn from successes and failures, who are hungry for new knowledge, and who have the confidence to lead, to speed, and to stretch.

Kelly HRfirst consultants focus solely on recruiting and staffing. Kelly HRfirst services are delivered to you through seasoned human resource and staffing industry professionals. Our staff offers a wealth of human resource and staffing/search experience and has lived with the challenges human resource managers face today…more, better and faster, with a limited budget, demanding line managers, and a shrinking supply of talent. We are committed to the training, development, and recognition of our talented staff and implement programs, activities, and rewards to help them learn and grow personally, because like you, we believe talent is what matters most. By investing in our staff, we're able to offer you the best possible service.

It's about service… Our solutions are integrated, proven, and powerful. Our processes are both efficient and effective. We can mobilize to the level of urgency required. We'll only suggest proven ideas that work. We don't support technology for technology sake and haven't lost the personal side of customer service.

It's about leadership… Market leadership, innovation leadership, and service leadership. We keep your recruitment efforts on the cutting edge through alliances, technological innovations and customer service. We attain the best consulting and staffing professionals, all poised to serve you. We will become an integral part of how your organization is recognized as a performance leader.

It's about you… Making your life easier, your decisions simpler, your department more efficient, and your candidates more accessible.
Company Summary
Kelly OCG Outsourcing & Consulting Group
Number of Employees
500 or more
(414) 815-1715
(866) 476-9692
11900 W Lake Park Dr
Milwaukee, WI